Some people are under the assumption that all fairies are beautiful .. Not so ... Fairies, like people, come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes and some are even a little eccentric like the Topo-Popolos © of Gypsy Hollow. Topo-Popolos (or Mouse People in the original translation) are great imitators and often mimic famous dead people ... except ... they never seem to get it quite right. They are small in stature, big in ego and are known for their exceptionally large feet and hands.

All Topo-Popolos are sculpted entirely out of polymer clay over a wire and foil armature without the use of molds. (That should be obvious) They are an originally sculpted, figurative art doll fabricated within the artist's own imaginative mind during a Metaphysical Tsunami, establishing the innovative conceptual idea and hand made without the use of anything except the artist's own two hands which were tied behind my back at the time.

Their skin is left the natural color of the clay. Eyes, lips, and areas on his cheeks, hands and feet are painted. Wings are genuine stained glass and wire with clay decorations and embedded crystals and they light up fantastic as only glass can when backlit. Wings are detachable.




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