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These dolls have found homes please

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Have a pet that you would like immortalized in clay? Your pet will be dressed in a costume depicting their personality and comes with a signed letter of authentication which includes story based on personality trait of animal with information provided by you. For example please read stories created below for dolls listed above.

Questions? Just email me and we can go from there.

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Darwin – Mixed Breed Polak Lake Resort Hostess:

Loopers Krawczyk was placed in the Greenhill Orphanage Society when she was just a puppy, but unlike her brother who was also a guest there, Loopers went on to bigger and better things.

Fortunately for her the family that adopted her were very wealthy resort owners and Loopers grew up a privileged pet. As the years went by her adoptive parents took her to the Galapagos Islands and it was there after viewing a boat that belonged to Charles Darwin that she decided to change her name. Now known as Darwin Moore, she has taken on running the resort and has become Polak Lake’s most favorite hostess.

Everyday after her morning swim she waits for her sidekick chicken friend Clucktoo to announce the arrival of guests by clacking out, “The Train, The Train”

Always efficient, Darwin greets each guest with a basket filled with a beach towel, bottle of Margarita mix, Lobster and three Jimmy Buffett CD’s to enjoy during their stay.

Fun-filled days and nights are jam packed with activities from hose wresting demonstrations, water biting, and pool repositioning tips. When the children are asleep and things get rowdy, Darwin Slaps on her babushka, drink lots of Margaritas, and start plucking out Polish Polka tunes on her ukulele to everyone’s delight.

Charlie – Chiweenie Dogfather:

Starting out his life in the foster care system, Smokey shared his life with a German Shepherd that was a tunnel excavator with the Anti Nazi resistance. Fearing Smokey’s size would jeopardize operations, he was dispatched to home security until a fitting forever family could be found. As luck would have it, Smokey was adopted by a single mom who changed his name to Charlie and inadvertently name him after his infamous great uncle Chuck (not the sneaker guy) Taylor. When his mom married 6 months latter, his step dad, Nicola Peelini instantly fell in love with the little guy and Charlie became Charlie Peelini, A name that held weight within the canine community.

As Charlie became older and wiser he began to take on the “Family” business. Charlie became Charlie “Chiweenie” Peelini … Dogfather. Ruling with an iron paw and a violin case of “Offers” that couldn’t be refused, he was notorious for keeping a tight control on the canines beneath him. Learning the trade of woodworker from his step dad, he disguised his true identity making decorative things from wood during the day while his minions, Dotty “Doobies” Peelini, Chancy “The Pants” Peelini and Chloe “Chlo Chlo” Peelini did his bidding. It is rumored that Chlo Chlo strongly feels she is next in line for the “The Dogfather” position. A long time member of The M.A.F.I.A (Mutts and Felines International Association, Charlie will most be remembered for his outstanding performance in their fundraising national jumping competitions, competing along side of Champion & Friend, Hop-A-Long the Grasshopper.

Cosmo – Doctor Of Therapeutic Science:

Growing up in the foster care system, Doctor Cosmo Calabash Shirley, lived in deplorable conditions until he was rescued by his adoptive parents at a young age. Knowing what that horrific traumatic situation did to his psyche, young Cosmo decided that he wanted to do something to help other less fortunate animals survive the mental trauma that is associated with dysfunctional homes and lifestyles. With lots of love and understanding, his newly acquired parents sent Cosmo off to the HARNIE school of Therapeutic Sciences to which he earned his DDG (Dogs Doing Good) degree in healing the mind through patience and lots of licks.

Quite well known in his field, Dr. C makes house calls and is never without his notes and briefcase which contains treats and squeak toys. Giving up love for the opposite sex to work non stop making his wife his career Cos is not ashamed to admit that he still lives at home with his parents in a modest dwelling in Florida. For fun, the esteemed Doc likes to take showers with his parents (don’t ask) and runs around the house in funny hats and bow ties.

Suki – Mixed Breed Coyote Ranger:

No Story Written As Yet

Kyia – German Shepherd Worrying Queen:

No Story Written As Yet

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Scout – Goofus Canineicus Mixed Breed Clown Dog:

No Story Written As Yet

Foo Mee – Warrior Shar Pei:

Gypsy Hollow’s most fierce and legendary fighter. A long standing member of “The Order Of The Dragon Breath” known to throw their opponents off guard simply by breathing on them. Lucky for Foo that his main squeeze, Lic Yew – Concubine Pug, has no sense of smell due to snorting crystallized bone marrow up her snout. With no offertory glands to worry about she is Foo’s only girlfriend. Not really having much time for dating, Foo spends most of his time honing his Drousting skills. Drousting, much like Jousting, except Drousting lances have dragon heads attached, which are aimed at an opponent’s chest while running at full speed on hind legs. So far Foo has managed to retain his unbeatable title of Drousting Champion.

Whether fighting or romancing, Foo is never without his two most cherished possessions, his dagger and his set of chopsticks, which he carries in a gold pouch at all times.

Foo lives in gladiator type camaraderie with other warrior dogs at a compound facility on the outskirts of Gypsy Hollow.

Mushu – Shar Pei Princess In Training:

Mushu is apprentice to the very famous and flamboyant Tai Shang Tai, Shar Pei Princess. Although training is a very disciplined art form, little Mushu has her moments of childish puppy outbreaks. Not really wanting a Jr. Princess around, the ever glamorous Tai must keep Mushu in line on a continual basis keeping her adoptive parents happy and indulgent. Stealing treats, chewing and hiding toys are a never ending issues with Mushu and to the frustration of Choppie who deals with her antics daily. But at the end of the day, with her lessons finished, Mushu is allowed to curl up on the sofa watching movies and eating popcorn to her hearts content. In fact, since you can never have enough popcorn, she carries around a tin of it to snack on whenever she wants. Sometimes, on occasion she will find Choppie’s hidden Busy Bone to play with when her two fellow roommates are busy doing important things like taking a nap.

Chopsticks – Jr. Warrior Shar-Pei:

Chopsticks is a warrior dog in training. Since the day he was born he led a delinquent life roaming the streets stealing shoes from other homeless canines until he was rescued by the Monks of Gypsy Hollow with the intention that he would grow up to become a famous Warrior. Until he can prove himself a candidate for a true warrior fighter, Chopsticks must spend time doing community service as a bodyguard to the very rich and famous Tai Shang Tai, Shar Pei Princess. Unaware that the very spoiled Tai was a tough streetwise babe herself, he has given up playing tug of war and losing all his toys to her. Now he keeps them close to his side on a rope attached to his belt. During nap time, he dreams about the day he will graduate from his green neck scarf (beginning Jr. Warrior) to purple neck scarf (advanced Jr. Warrior) where he will get to live and work next to the famous Foo Mee ~ Warrior Shar Pei. Until then he must remain in the care of Tai’s adoptive parents who, at the start of each day, fill his mess kit with kibble, his orange pail with Scooby Snacks and allow him to watch Winnie the Pooh with Tai, on a wide screen TV in their spacious elaborate living room.

Tai Shang Tai – Shar Pei Princess:

Tai Shang Tai is used to being pampered by her adoptive parents. Rescued at an early age from the life of canine debauchery, Tai now spends her days playing dress up with the very best money can buy. Her love of pearls and jewelry of any kind, is a never ending addiction and she is always seen carrying around her extra large jewelry box filled with priceless gems. Next to gazing at herself for hours, she loves to tease her trusted bodyguard, Chopsticks, Jr. Warrior Shar Pei, by gathering up all his toys and laying on them. This ancient Chinese seduction ritual has no effect on the immature puppy-brained Choppy, who just shrugs his shoulders and goes in search of another toy. Frustrated, the ever glamorous Tai consoles herself by begging for yet another elaborate costume which is lavished upon her without question. Tai lives in indulgent, materialistic bliss in a very tasteful mansion on the East Coast of Gypsy Hollow.

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Lic Yew – Concubine Pug:

Lic Yew is one of Gypsy Hollow’s most sought after ladies of the evening (mornings and afternoons available by appointment only). Known for her long curling paw nails and tiny golden lotus back feet, she is considered most desirable by the Hollow’s most eligible canine bachelors. Among her many clients are Emperor Chew Toi (recently sold on ebay) and the famous Shar-Pei warrior: Foo Mee (also sold on ebay). Sometimes this working girl runs on very little sleep and on her days off, which are far and few between, she takes long walks in the sun. Always conscience of her looks, she uses her umbrella to shield away harmful rays and to keep her face youthful and attractive. Lic Yew is highly allergic to bird feathers, so she carries around her pet turtle, Pong, in his bamboo cage. Since turtles can’t sing, Pong entertains her by whistling out popular show tunes. for her enjoyment. Like any worshipped goddess, Lic has an assortment of dedicated neutered eunuchs and spayed virgin mixed breeds waiting on her every whim and desire.

Chew Toi – Emperor Pug:

Chew Toi is one of Gypsy Hollow’s most worshipped rulers. Not really born into a royal family, Chew gained this title by being able to grow his ear hairs longer than any other dog no matter what side of the Rockies you live on. He is both feared and love by the residents of Gypsy Hollow and is known for his fair treatment of his subjects and is a big supporter of local Chinese restaurants. Emperor Toi is one of the Hollow’s most eligible bachelors. Having once dated Jezebel wicked pug queen, (the romance was terminated because of Jezzy’s obsessive worship of the Pig God Swaal) and Tidbit Borgia pugnacious pug ( Tidbits frigid behavior left him cold.). He is now looking for someone who enjoys running, fetching and Tai Chi workouts. Born with a sense of humor as well, he loves to add the words “in bed” to the end of all his Chinese cookie fortunes. Actually born in the year of the Rooster he tells everyone that he was born in the year of the dog. Since running an empire takes up most of his time he uses his spare time studying to be an actor with the Peking Opera Company where he will play a Hsiao Sheng teaching young Peking Opera students about life, love, and psychotic episodes in a dramatization of the adolescence of Jackie Chan. Chew Toi lives in a very ornate palace on the out skirts of Gypsy Hollow.

Madame Ruppy – Pet Psychic:

Madame Ruppy is Gypsy Hollow’s renowned clairvoyant. As a young female pug, she was courted by her only true love Mokelumne Josephus, or MoJo as she and only she affectionately called him. MoJo was a true gentleman caller, sitting on her front porch sipping Mint Juleps, never venturing past holding her paw. When MoJo passed into the great dog Heaven in the sky, broken hearted Ruppy vowed she would contact him and there would never be anyone that would ever take his place. So she set out finding the famed Gypsy Woman Isadora Bonkenzolas of Terwilliker Bay. But Izzy (as most people called her) recognized that Ruppy had “The Gift” herself and taught her how she too could contact those from the great beyond. Now years later Ruppy travels around with her crystal ball gathering photos of her clients dear departed to talk to on a daily basis. Considered to be a saint by Gypsy Hollow standards she has even had special requests like that of Mabunda the African leopard who insisted that she use his fur after he passed as a stole so that could always be wrapped around his idol. Although she is blessed with fame and fortune, Ruppy is never without her locket of MoJo pinned to her ample bosom or her daily talks with him. Ruppy resides in a modestly bright painted caravan wagon in a very nice section of Gypsy Hollow.

Jezebel – Wicked Pug Queen:

Jezebel is the terror of Gypsy Hollow. Born with a name that is synonymous with devious women, Jezebel has lived up to the reputation that her namesake is known for. Born bad to the bone, this young pug has everyone in Gypsy Hollow scared out of their wits. Jezzy’s motto is …. whether I want it or not it’s mine. Not really a Queen, Jezzy has so named herself because she thought the original Jezebel was pretty cool. At an early age Jezzy studied hard on how to be a tyrannical nuisance. Having studied ancient scripts she learned how to burn incense with a mission, steal toys that don’t belong to her, and bite at the drop of a hat. However she has been warned by Gypsy Hollow’s Royal Pug Emperor, Chew Toi, that if she doesn’t stop fighting with the subjects she will be punished. Jezebel isn’t concerned as she worships the Pig God “Swaal” and brings his graven image around with her on a purple velvet pillow. Although she feels pretty confident that Swaal with protect her, she still worries about what some of the other beasts in Gypsy Hollow will do to her if Swaal doesn’t come through. Her greatest fear is that someone will push her from the window and then her body will be eaten by humans. Meanwhile Jezzy lives in an abandoned palace in a pretty deserted spot of Gypsy Hollow.

Bee Bee – The Ballerina:

Bee Bee is the Margot Fonteyn of Gypsy Hollow. As a young Pug dancer she was known the Hollow over as one of the greats. Having studied dance with the celebrated Dancer, Dame Menorah Knutehoffinson (pronounced Ca-newt-hoff-in-son) of Terwilliker Bay, she won many prestigious awards and accolades along the way. Known for her famous dance “Pug Lake” which tells the story of Blue Bear and the Fairy Pug that comes to his rescue. Blue Bear was snatched away from his home and the child that loved him by the Evil Fur Miester The Arch Duke Elonzo Furtwangler, a bad and sinister being that stripped the fur off plush toys and made coats for himself. The Child cried and cried until the Fairy Pug (who was flying by the window at the time hears her lamentations and decides to rescue Blue Bear herself. But before she could, she would have to promise the Queen of Fairy Pugs that she would not use her wings to fly but rather her feet to dance over the Lake to Furtwangler Island. Through waves, lake monsters and many wet shoes later she finally rescues Blue Bear (and 143 other plush toys) and returns him (and them) to his (and their) homes … Pug Lake was a Tour de Force performance for Bee Bee, after which she retired and grew old in her little cottage which she shares with her equally old friend Blue Bear watching videos of all her old dance performances.

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Joey – Softball Champion:

Joey is to Gypsy Hollow what Roger Clemens was to the New York Yankees, only female. Dressed in typical Beastie softball attire of Purple Silk and Gold Lame, Jolton Joey as she is affectionately called by fellow teammates pitches so lightning fast that her balls have been clocked at 95 miles an hour which is no easy task when you consider the length of her front legs and no thumbs to speak of. Not always a pitcher, Joey remembers when as a puppy constantly chasing balls that were thrown her way, Just when she retrieved it … there it would go again for no apparent reason other than to have her chase it. As she grew a little older and wiser she decided that she would be the one throwing the ball and someone else could do the chasing. That decision turned things around for her and changed her destiny Trained by the famous Topo Popolo, Babe Zoot, Joey has led her team, THE BEASTIES, to number one position in all of Gypsy Hollow causing her to be the first female softball player to be listed in the Gypsy Hollow hall of Fame. Joey is so good that players on both sides honor her by dumping the contents of a large can of dog food over her head at the end of the game. As Joey says “It doesn’t get much better than that”

Tidbit Borgia ~ Pugnacious Pug:

is the direct descendant of Mesalina Borgia, pug dog to the infamous Lucrezia Borgia. Actually Lucrezia’s dog and Tidbit’s ancestor was named Lina but due to Lucrezia’s relaxed disciplinary habits Lucrezia was known to exclaim “Whata … another messa Lina?” whenever she pottied on the floor …. the dog, not Lucrezia. So the name Mesalina stuck and so did her master’s habits of lascivious and carnal appetites, however one mating was enough for Tidbit who found the whole process unseemly and lewd and giving birth akin to passing a kidney stone through her nose, she vowed no male stud would get that close to her again and true to her word she knocked the living daylights out of a Newfoundland when she found him nosing around her backside in an unseemly fashion. Because of many interbreedings in the Borgia household .. pet and otherwise, Tidbit has been left with issues of her own …. This pug has been to more anger management classes than you shake a stick at … and even the famed Topo Popolian Shrink, Sigmund Fraud has thrown up his arms in utter frustration at not being able to cure Tidbit of her hostility at almost everything. Tidbit has found that the only thing that brings her contentment and relaxes her innermost turmoil is to play soundtrack excerpts from the Godfather movie on her Mandolin. Although she sometimes visits with her children Madame Ruppy and Bee Bee the Ballerina she enjoys her privacy and lives alone with her castrated eunuch Chihuahua servant, Joaquin in a modest Villa in a mixed Italian/Spanish section of Gypsy Hollow.

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