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The art of Porcelain doll making is a labor intensive art form. Using Molds, all dolls are painstakingly made from pouring the slip to the final stitch on the clothing. While a lot of people use commercial molds, the argument continues whether or not they are One of a Kind creations. I like to think that my porcelain dolls are. True, anyone can pour the same doll, but through the painting, wigging and costume, they become the artwork of the individual doll artist. My dolls are all costumed in my own creations and since I do not sell my patterns, you will never find another doll dressed quite the same way. Also, I never repeat a costume so in a sense the doll you are purchasing from me is a true One of a Kind Porcelain Creation. Whether you purchase a 5.5 inch doll, or an 18″ doll, each one gets the same attention to detail. Currently, I am no longer making custom dolls at this time. Please try back at a later date.

The One of a kind sculpted dolls are created from Polymer clay around a wire armature. These are a true one of a kind creations, there being no other like it anywhere else. Each doll is an idea before it takes shape, drawn out and then sculpted. As with the porcelain dolls, the sculpted dolls also are dressed in elaborate costumes, but costumes that are a mix of different ethnic styles … making them the whimsical folk of Gypsy Hollow where they live. Some of the animals from the strange beasts page are sculpted from photos of people’s pets. They are dressed in the costumes of the pet’s personality and come with their own story based on information you provide. The rest is fabricated within my own imagination. All One of a kind sculpted dolls come with a signed letter of authentication.

Meantime I live each day as it comes, I delight in my family and friends, I provide a loving home to my animals and in all my endeavors I continually desire to bring glory to Jesus Christ in how I live, work and play.

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